How can international tax advisory services help my business?

October 26, 2021

Anytime you do business internationally, there are tax implications that need to be considered. Depending on which countries you’re working with, there are certain taxes that you need to be aware of with imports, exports, employment taxes, and more. At Accountants Without Borders, we can help you decipher all the complex verbiage and language attached to doing business internationally. With international tax advisory services, you can feel comfortable that you’re meeting requirements with each country in which you do business.

Decipher international tax codes

Every country is going to have its own tax laws. Whether you have to pay a higher percentage of revenue, payroll, or based on products that are exported yearly. If you’re not familiar with tax codes, it’s a great idea to have somebody well-versed in the nuances of international taxes. This can keep you protected from missing minor details here and there that could cost you in the end.

Find a location for your headquarters

If you have a business that works internationally, there are tax implications that make some locations better for your headquarters than others. While you might want to find a place on the shores of Lake Como in Italy, you’ll probably be better off putting your headquarters near Lake Tahoe. Your tax advisor can help you find a location that’s tax-friendly for a base of operations so you’re not spending all your revenue on taxes.

Help with duties for imports and exports

Doing business internationally often means that you’re dealing with some kind of imports or exports. There will always be duties attached to these products, so you’re going to have an obligation to pay the government of the country to which you’re sending or receiving products. Your tax advisor can help you plan for these so there aren’t any surprises when they come due.

Advice with mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions of international businesses can come with a lot of bureaucratic red tape. There are plenty of I’s to dot and T’s to cross and you want to make sure you’re taking care of all of them. International tax advisory services are a great way to make sure that you’re doing everything necessary to complete your merger or acquisition without overlooking important tax-related details in the process. This will ensure that you’re protected from potentially dropping the ball while trying to complete the process.

Consult on employees moving abroad

In today’s world, we’re seeing more companies embrace the ability to allow their employees to work remotely. One of the things people love about working from home is that they can often work from anywhere in the world. It’s easier to travel or they can finally make the move to live abroad. If you have W-2 employees who move to Denmark, you’re going to have to make sure that you have all your bases covered with social security and international tax laws. Your international tax services can help to make sure that you’re doing everything correctly and you and your employee won't have any problems when tax season rolls around.

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How can international tax advisory services help my business?